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Hillel’s Angels Road Rules

THE HILLEL’S ANGELS TAKE SAFETY SERIOUSLY!!!  The club and all of its members and guests must recognize the danger inherent in motorcycling. These basic rules will allow maximum fun while minimizing danger. We are all aware of the need for traffic laws and regulations. Let us exercise caution at all times and obey all traffic regulations.

Road Captain.  The Road Captain or his/her designated substitute will be in charge of the ride. The Road Captain has the unchallengeable right to terminate a rider’s participation in a given ride or event for reasons of club safety or image. He/she also has the unchallengeable right to direct the ride or to terminate the ride if conditions warrant.

Order of riders and passing other riders. We all have different skills and ride at different speeds. Riders need to sort themselves according to speed with the faster riders in front. The Road Captain will slow down or stop from time to time to allow regrouping. Riding this way will provide the most fun and best safety for all riders. However, never change the order of position while riding. Adjustments in riding order should be made at rest stops. This is an important point of etiquette and should be followed for safety and camaraderie. The general rule is: Do not pass other riders.

Ride Within Your Limits.  All HILLEL’S ANGELS are urged to ride at a pace where they are comfortable. Exceeding your personal limits in turning or passing for the sake of keeping up with the rider in front of you is a recipe for disaster. HILLEL’S ANGELS ride as a group, but more importantly as a group of individuals. Know and be comfortable with your own personal limits, and choose your spot in the group accordingly. All riders will be welcomed and respected as fellow HILLEL’S ANGELS regardless of their chosen pace, provided they are not a danger to themselves or others. No rider will be left behind. The rider in front of them will not turn off the road, at a turn, until they are seen.



Formation. When riding on multilane roads, we will use the Staggered formation. The second rider, preferably a Road Captain or experienced rider, will be riding in the left side of the lane, the next on the right and so on. Riders should be following the second rider, not the leader. For the following safety reasons:

1. This allows the Ride Leader, the first rider, to use the whole lane to see deeper into a turn and this helps to maximizes safety.